What is Whiteboard?

what is whiteboard

As per the research, the term whiteboard animation comes from a process of someone drawing and recording the process. The drawing is carried out on whiteboard or something that is similar to whiteboard. This type of animation has been determined to be effective in the learning process. It is being used to learn languages, demonstrate products and services, provide training to employees and presentations.

In the past, the process of drawing animation was completely governed by the artist. However, the technological advancements transformed the procedure for creating whiteboard animation. The process has been automated and can be successfully carried out with the help of software; thus, reducing the cost of creating animation.So now that we have that out of the way and you’re excited about the potential of using whiteboard videos in your marketing strategy, let’s talk about when to use them.

Whiteboard videos are often referred to on the web as whiteboard explainer videos because they’re perfect for…you guessed it, explaining things to your audience. Whether you have a product you want to showcase or a complex idea you need to communicate, whiteboard videos are a perfect way to engage the viewer’s imagination and draw out a story for them


Why Choose Us?

We work with companies who want engaging, unique, creative, exciting, interactive and inspiring Whiteboard Videos. With a Video Explainer, you can be sure that your website visitors will stick around on you site long enough to know what you are offering. Studies have shown that on average, there is a 400% increase in sales or conversions when an Explainer Video is added to a site. You will build a relationship with your prospects instantly which is of paramount importance in today’s competitive marketing environment.

Better remembered
Ideas are more likely remembered when they are presented as visuals instead of text. Videos are typically remembered 6 times more often than a text explainer.

Easier to Understand
In a minute or two, the viewer will be able to easily understand what you are offering and thus be able to better interact with you and your business.

Improve Branding
Videos have a huge effect on a small businesses branding and reinforce the brand message of large corporations.

why choose us


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what is whiteboard




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what is whiteboard